About Me

Who am I?

Well, hello there! My name is Anna Gaten and welcome to my blog! I am a student of Arts and science and a movie lover. Ever since I can remember I loved watching movies. Of course, as younger my preference were animated movies, but later on I evolved to love all genres. I believe I inherited that love from my parents, who when I was little owned a store where they rented VHS tapes. Yes, I am that old! As VHS tapes went out of fashion so did our store, but not our devotion to movies. Through the years I followed every new word of technology, CDs, DVDs and eventually now days streaming and 3D cinema. I truly am in love with movies and all that comes with them. I cannot specify a certain genre I like most. I strongly believe that there is something to look forward to in every genre and something good to be found in every movie no matter how bad it may seem.


What else?

Apart from movies, I very much enjoy books. And yes, I am that ''books are always better than movies'' annoying type of person. Although it doesn't mean that movies made according to books are bad, on the contrary they can become their own works of art and be equally fantastic, like Lord of the Ring trilogy or Dan Brown's professor Langdon series. And as any other young person I love music, fashion, going out, traveling, meeting new people and trying new things which make life interesting. I love maintaining active lifestyle, so I practice pop-pilates and yoga or I throw in occasional jog when it's nice weather.


Why did I start this blog?

As a long year movie lover I thought now was a great time in my life to create something visible out of my passion while practicing my writing skills and being overall more creative. Another reason is that I hope that this blog will help me meet new people who share my love for movies so we can discuss, comment, praise or criticize new as well as old and classical movies. So if there you have anything you want to talk about, some suggestion about what I should write or you simply want me to watch some movie and review it, please fell free to contact me. Thank you!